Case Study : Vodacom

  • Queue elimination.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Staff productivity.
  • Reporting statistics to identify trends of slow and peak times.
  • Reporting statistics to show amount of Customers seen and to monitor staff performance.
LRS Solution – Netpage Unlimited Software integrated with the LRS Coaster system
  • Queue management and elimination.
  • Branded Pagers – To be issued to customers at the info desk.
  • Pagers have a LCD text display allowing for alpha numeric text messages to be received notifying customers when they are next to be seen by a consultant.
  • Customizable waitlists make the system easily adaptable to all Vodacom outlet environments.
  • Solid reporting structure on key areas of the business.
  • Consultants able to call customers to available desks using Netpage software
System Components
  • LRS Netpage Unlimited Software (Netpage is a sophisticated paging protocol allowing multiple transmitters to operate within an area)
  • T74USB Transmitter.
  • Alpha Numeric Coasters.

We are happy to report that the Long Range Queue Management Solution has now been rolled out to our Customer Care sites nationally, with very positive feedback on the product, service and price.

Michael Jackson, Vodacom World Centre Manager