Case Study : CTM

Challenge 1 : Customer Service required

Due to the layout and design of their stores, CTM wanted a way to notify their sales consultants of when customer service was required.

LRS Solution : Push for Service and Sales consultant pagers

LRS provided CTM with the Push for Service devices specially programmed to alert their sales consultants of when service was required in a specific area (i.e. Kilimanjaro tiles)

System Components
  • 10 x Butler Push for Service devices.
  • 10 x Alphanumeric Staff Pagers.
Challenge 2 : Alleviating customer frustration & congestion at their Dispatch area

CTM were experiencing a bottle neck and resultant customer frustration at their Dispatch area whilst customers waited for their orders to be processed. CTM wanted to move their waiting customers away from their dispatch area until their orders were ready.

LRS Solution : Netpage Unlimited Software integrated with the LRS Coaster system

The LRS Netpage and Coaster system gave their customers the peace of mind that their order was being processed. It has resulted in their customers enjoying a cup of coffee, doing some more shopping or reading the paper in the comfort of their cars whilst waiting for their orders.

In addition to the above CTM can deliver detailed sales and dispatch reports resulting in some cases of dispatch times being reduced by 40%.

System Components
  • Netpage Unlimited Software programme.
  • 20 x Alphanumeric Customer coasters.

We've been using LRS for a few months now. I cannot imagine our operation without this system. We've improved our customer service tremendously and increased our turnover. I can recommend LRS to any business.

Johan Odendaal, CTM Brakpan