Case Study : Afrisam

Long Range Systems were approached by Afrisam to provide a suitable truck queuing solution for Afrisam Roodepoort. Afrisam had seen LRS's system in operation in the marketplace and were interested as to how it could be applied at Afrisam Roodepoort.

Challenges faced by Afrisam Roodepoort
  • Trucks waiting to load their daily orders were causing major bottlenecks and congestion build up at the entrance to Afrisam Roodepoort. In additon to the health and safety issues, the congestion compromised Afrisam's customer service levels and efficiencies.
  • Afrisam were looking for a simple and practical to use truck queuing system to meet the above challenges and in turn help improve their system efficiencies.
LRS Short term solution
  • Provide Afrisam Roodepoort with the LRS Netpage and Coaster solution to alleviate the truck congestion levels.
  • Back end analytical reporting allowing Afrisam to track their loading processes from start to finish.
LRS Long term solution
  • Work in partnership with SAP and Afrisam to integrate the relevant IT systems to further simplify the system and further improve efficiencies.
LRS System components
  • 20 x Alphanumeric coasters
  • 4 x Coaster charger bases
  • Netpage Unlimited Software program
  • 1 x Repeater (to increase frequency range)
  • 1 x USB Transmitter
Step by Step solution
  • Truck driver parks his vehicle and proceeds to one of the three dispatch windows
  • Dispatch consultant logs the driver's details (Name, Company and coaster number) into the Netpage Software and issues the alphanumeric coaster
  • Truck driver leaves dispatch office with coaster and the knowledge that his coaster will buzz when a loading bay becomes available
  • Operator activates coaster via Netpage Software and sends a specific or templated message
  • Truck driver proceeds to specified area once coaster buzzers with message on LCD screen (i.e. Proceed to Loading bay 4 or Nozel 3)
  • Truck driver hands over buzzer to operator once he arrives at notified destination (i.e. Loading bay 4 / Nozel 3 etc.)